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    Data Server Data Sources & Calculations

    Emma Whyte



      I work on several projects that utilise the Data Server feature of Tableau Server.


      We upload data connections (we use a MySQL database) to the Tableau Server Data Server and users then connect to these data connections in workbooks through Tableau Server (which are also distributed using Tableau Server). Therefore these become data connections stored on Tableau Server.


      However, recently when connecting to these data connections on Server we have encountered errors with calculations created in the original data connection which was uploaded to server.


      These custom calculations are appearing in workbooks as "calculation_xxxxxxxx" (where the x is replaced with numbers). The numbering does not seem to be consistent or in any particular order.


      Can anyone tell me why the calculations are appearing with this naming format?


      Because Tableau is renaming the calculations, many of the dashboards using these calculations no longer function.


      As far as we are aware the database connection is the same (only new data has been added to the database) and the calculations have not been changed in the original data connection uploaded to Server.


      Thanks very much.


      P.S we are running Tableau Server 7.0.13 & the latest version of Desktop.