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    Creating custom colour pallet for fonts, backgrounds etc

    Matt Francis

      Has anyone been able to create a custom colour pallet, and by that i mean one for fonts, backgrounds, shading etc, not the regular,diveging pattets used for data.

      Click on the colour shelf and you get the colour picker, with the 2x6 grey scale shades and the 6x3 colour shades. I'd like to either add or modify one the the 3 colour shade sets to our company colours to make formating easier. If i click more colours i can add a custom colour to the list which then shows up on a row underneath the default set. This works fine but once i close the workbook i loose all of that and have to do it again. I've made a default template workbook that i can use as a starting point for each new dash with the font and background set but it would be nice to have those colour selections available when i launch Tableau.


      Anyone tried having the preferences file?