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    Can you set the Pages Shelf Value to always be the last value in the list?

    Leigh Fonseca

      I have a dashboard that I'm using the Pages Shelf to iterate through dates for a filled map view.  The dashboard presents data for the past 11 days.  When I initially published the dashboard had I set the date value in the Pages Shelf to be the last (most recent) date available.  As time has proceeded that date has moved to the beginning of the list and now we've past it.  The resulting behavior is that the default Pages value is now the first item in the list or in this case the earliest date.  This is causing user confusion as people think that the dashboard hasn't updated in a week.  It's also extra work for the user to have to select "yesterday" (the most recent item in the list) from the dropdown before proceeding -- they want to see yesterday first and then the trend from the beginning of the period through to yesterday.


      I could republish the report to move the date currently displayed in Pages to be the most recent date, but I would have to do this daily.


      I could set the Pages dates to display in DESC order, which will show the most recent day first but then the user has to step backwards through the data rather than yesterday and then from the earliest date.


      Essentially I want to start with the last value in the list (most recent date) and then if the user choose the play function the dates will roll over to the first values and proceed.  Otherwise they will at least always see the most recent date first.  Any ideas about how to do this?


      Thanks in advance!