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    "real" average vs Tableau underlying data average


      I have a dataset from an excel sheet (see attachments). The "simple" thing I'm trying to do is obtain an average citation count for each journal in the data set and create a sorted visualisation of journals and their citation average. The average citation should simply be an average of the citation numbers for each unique article published in a particular journal; but Tableau averages ALL the citations associated with the underlying data....this gives an incorrect answer. I suspect this is because many articles have multiple authors meaning the publication ID appears more than once in the underlying data (and in the excel sheet).


      I have read and re-read related posts on "distinct averages" and the articles related to "grand-totals" but I just can't seem to get this to work out for me.


      At this stage I'm desperate because I need to use the logic that will solve this particular problem on many more datasets I have.


      Any advice is greatly appreciated.