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    Possible to place entries into multiple groups?

    Ben Eddings

      I am counting applications to jobs in different industry sectors, but each job is classified into multiple industries.


      e.g. Let us imagine I have four industry clusters with one application to a job in each.


      Industry cluster 1: Banking

      Industry cluster 2: Banking, Finance

      Industry cluster 3: Banking, Accounting,

      Industry cluster 4: Finance


      Industry Cluster is one field containing a text string of all the industries a particular job has been placed in, I would like a grouping that brings together all jobs whose industry cluster contains say, finance.


      Therefore under this grouping each industry would have the following total applications, so applications can be counted more than once.


      Banking:      3

      Finance:      2

      Accounting: 1


      My problem becomes clear when you take into account I have around 40 industry types forming around 1500 different industry clusters!


      Any ideas?


      Many thanks in advance for any suggestions you can offer!