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    Dynamic start data in time series chart

    Knut Eide


      Still on the novice side of Tableau, and need help on this.


      My data contains time series data with data for my product dimension, by day. Data for any given product has a "start date" and then day-by-day data for 30 days period.



      Product 1 - Start date February 1st 2013

      Product 2 - Start date March 10th 2013

      Product 3 - Start data April 29 th 2013



      When the user selects a ceratin product from the quick filter, I want my time series chart to auto-adjust to start showing date values from the given start date for the product, and then +45 days onwards, with "day" as value label on my lower chart axe.


      What will be my "approach" towards it