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    mysql connection error - Incorrect data type

    Phani Vemuri



      I am trying to connect to a mysql server and I receive the following error ("Incorrect data type"). Is there a known solution to this?


      I upgraded the drivers and tableau but this didn't get fixed.


      Thank you






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          Mulukutla Sarath Chandra

          Hi Phani,


          How are you trying to connect to the DB from Tableau?  Have you created a DSN? If yes, please try to connect directly from tableau by directly downloading the drivers from the below link without creating a DSN.






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            Gordon Paynter

            I have the same problem when connecting to MySQL on localhost:

            Incorrect data type.

            Unable to connect to the server "localhost". Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.


            I am using Windows 7. I have fresh, standard MySQL installation (version 5.6.10), with one database created. I have just upgraded Tableau 7.0 Desktop to the Professional version and installed the MySQL driver. In other words, it is the latest version of everything with Tableau 7.0.


            I can successfully connect to the MySQL server from several other applications on the same PC with no problems. Only Tableau fails to connect.


            Also note:

            • I can create an ODBC connection to the MySQL database, but when I attempt to connect to it in Tableau I get a slightly different error: "[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver and Application"
            • If I ask tableau to make a "Generic ODBC Connection" I can select the "MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver", give it the database details, and connect successfully. However, there are warnings about not recognisng various data types immediately, and later Tableau will throw SQL errors when you attempt to add fields to rows/columns. So this is unusable as a work-around.


            I have seen this problem reported in another thread also. However, my colleagues here all connect to MySQL with no problems. All three reports are quite recent (Feb-Mar 2013). Is it possible that Tableau 7 is not compatible with the latest version(s) of MySQL?

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              Logan Riggs

              This is a known problem with Tableau 7 and MySql 5.6. MySql 5.5 has been tested and works fine. Tableau 8 does not have this specific problem but it has not been thoroughly tested with MySql 5.6 yet. I can't comment on a specific date, but we will support MySql 5.6 with Tableau 8. It may work fine with the initial 8.0 release, but like I mentioned it hasn't been officially tested.


              When trying Generic ODBC through Tableau 7 you might want to install a newer MySql driver. The 3.51 driver is pretty old at this point.

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                Gordon Paynter

                Thanks for the information, I can stop beating my head against this particular brick wall.


                Is this "known problem" documented somewhere? I'm relatively new to the support forums, is there a bug tracker or similar that I should have checked?


                Are you at Tableau? If so, any chance you could get the drivers page updated to note this incompatibility? I would expect anyone who is going to start using Tableau with MySQL right now to do what I did, and choose Tableau 7 / MySQL 5.6 (i.e. the current stable versions).


                Do you know if I upgrade the MySQL ODBC driver from 3.51, will that allow me to connect to MySQL 5.6.10 databases from Tableau 7?


                Thanks again,