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    Tableau can't find Lodz (the city), Poland

    Craig Hansen

      I'm mapping a large amount of cities in 7.0... Tableau can't find the city of Lodz, Poland. Both the province and the city are shown on the Tableau map and while it will match up to the province just fine, it won't match the city up and doesn't have the option to choose it when manually editing locations. I ended up just editing the city to Zgierz... the closest location that Tableau would let me pick, that's terrible!


      I have also discovered during this exercise that there are many, many cities that are not even listed on Tableau's maps. Santa Teresa, NM? Nope! Doesn't exist in Tableau World, am I suppose to use El Paso, TX? 1 mile away, but in another freaking state! I know the manual latlong option is there, but then, why can't I just click the map right where I want it to go and get the latlong data filled in automatically? I spent a good 4 or 5 hours today Google'ing for latlong's and nearest cities... that's not cool Tableau!


      This was painful and I needed to vent, there is no actual questions here... while this is the first time I've really dove into mapping, I can't help but be really disappointed.