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    Edit title on quick filters

    Son Stegmaier

      What happen to the option to edit the title on quick filters?  I wasn't able to find the edit title as one of the options.  It was there in version 6.1 and listed in the general knowledge.  Did it get moved to somewhere else or removed all together?


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          Joshua Milligan



          I still see it on every quick filter.  If you use the little drop down arrow or right-click the title (on a dashboard), you should see it.  Do you have a screenshot?  What version are you using?




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            Son Stegmaier

            I'm running version 7.0.9.  The behavior is very odd.  I'm updating an existing dashboard where the option to edit the title is gone.  However, when I create a new dashboard with the same sheet the option is available.  I tried duplicating the existing dashboard and removing the sheet that has the quick filter and re-adding.  Still no option to edit the title.


            Any idea why that would be the case?  I want to avoid rebuilding the entire dashboard.

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              Son Stegmaier

              I was able to replicate the issue.  The dashboard contains so much information that I disabled the auto update on the dashboard.  However, I left the auto update on the filters.  This allowed me to see the available data that I can filter on.  At this point the edit option is still not available.  I was able to determine that the sheet the quick filters came from had to be updated to show data.  Once the base sheet updates with data, the edit title option appears on the quick filters drop down.