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    Avoiding average of averages. Calculating open rate.

    Jay Miller

      I'm trying to calculate open rates for email over time. When I create a calculated field in Tableau, and then chart that against date, it seems to be averaging the averages, giving equal weight to small sends with 100% opens as giant sends with 20% opens. I've tried searching google and this forum, but haven't found the answer (though I got close).


      Each row of the data has one send with:

      - date of send

      - number of sends (DeliveriesImplicit)

      - number of opens (Unique Opens)


      I created a calculated field called "myOpenRate" as



      I did this to avoid division by 0, which caused problems in Excel. (DeliveriesImplicit is same as sends)


      I tried the table calc total(avg([profit])) approach that I found on this forum, but it just gave me a flat line.


      I know this should be easy since it's so easy in Excel pivot tables, and I've seen more complicated solutions for other types of problems in these forums. I'm just stuck. Thanks for your help.