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    I am attempting to query the group, group_users and users tables in the Tableau Server Database

    Chris Diekvoss

      I am attempting to create a query to identify what users belong to what user groups. I have followed the below directions below in the server admin guide to gain access and to be able to query tables in the Tableau Server Database. However this only provides me access to the tables beginning with and underscore (see point #5).

      Based on another post I need the use group, group_users and users tables, can anyone assist?


      After you enable external access to the Tableau Server database, follow the steps below to connect to and query the database.

      1.   In Tableau Desktop select Data > Connect to Data, then select PostgreSQL as the database to connect to. You may need to install the PostgreSQL database drivers. You can download drivers from www.tableausoftware.com/drivers.
      2.   In the PostgreSQL Connection dialog box, type the name or URL for Tableau Server. If you have a distributed server installation and a worker is hosting the repository, enter the name of the worker instead.  

        You should connect using the port you have set up for the pgsql.port, which is 8060 by default. For more information about ports, see TCP/IP Ports.  

      1.   Type workgroup as the database to connect to.
      2.   Connect using the following username and password:  
        • Username: tableau
        • Password: The password you specified when you enabled access to the Tableau Server database.
      3.   Select a table to connect to and click OK. The "tableau" user has access to all of the tables the start with an underscore. For example, you can connect to "_background_tasks" and "_datasources".