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    Passing parameters or Filters to External URL



      I have a requirement where i need toadd external url to the dashboard and pass the parameters from tableau.


      using Webpage we can add url to the dashboard.

      My question is once after adding url  for eg  www.example.com

      If we want to pass parameters do we need to speak with developers of external url source to make their URL in such a way to pass parameters from tableau.



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          Dan Huff

          In order for the URLs to work consistently, there will need to be some type of structure to the URL which we can rely on to know that we are putting the parameters in the correct location. An easy way to test this is to go to the webpage in which you are interested in calling, activate a search as you would like your URL to do within your dashboard, copy the URL, activate another search, copy the URL, and compare the two. If it looks like the structure is consistent, you will be able to tell where you should put your parameters. If they are vastly different, it may be harder to achieve. Here is an example below:


          First Search:


          Second Search:



          I know that I can then put my parameter at the end of the url along the lines of the following http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/<Animal Parameter>


          Consistency in the URL structure is key here.


          Let me know if this helps.