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    AS400 to Tableau

    Rick Lippincott

      I have installed Tableau on a machine and have tried using the Client Access ODBC connection to to our AS400.  Somewhere we are missing something as we cannot get Tableau to connect to the AS400.


      We have looked at the DSN set up and have even compared the set up to Tableau that is set up on antohter computer and is functional.


      One area to note; If I use a Tableau workbook(.twb) file that was created by the other other computer I can make a connection through the table(s) that have been set up in that work book.  If I try to add addtional tables then it does not connect.


      Anyone else have this issue?


      I think it is where the ODBC driver needs to be positioned...my IT guys are having a heck of a time figuring this out.


      Attached are the connection displays.