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    sharepoint lookup column

    Frederick Moor

      Total newb.  Trying to use OData to SharePoint 2010 and a list that has 13 lookup columns.  I'm able to follow the SharePoint example provided by tableau, but it does not return any of the lookup column IDs.  I also need to join the lookup tables to the main list to do my analysis.


      Happy to read on the topic if anyone has a bibliography.  So far, google searching has not been very productive.


      thanks in advance.

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Frederick -


          Not a lot of people are aware of and/or use this feature, so it's not surprising you're not finding much.


          Generally, the $expand option of OData is needed to show nested stuff (Entries) like information nested (a collection of associated "child" entries ) within the parent. In other words, my Order Detail entries are nested within the Order Entry, and I need $expand to get to that detail...


          Tableau's OData implementation doesn't support using $expand. So, your approach of creating re-creating the view "pre-joined" and consuming it directly is exactly the way to go.