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    Encrypting sensitive field values.

    Alan Bainbridge

      I have some charts that use fields such as employee number to identify distinct employees.  Some of my calculations are based on the count of distinct employees so I need that field in my data set.       Count of distinct employees =  COUNTD(EMPLOYEE_NUMBER)


      I've turned off the "View Underlying Data" permission for most user-groups so they can't export a list of employee numbers and hourly pay rates (for example.)


      Considering my user-group, I felt it would be acceptable for them to see the underlying data if I could scramble or encrypt the value of the employee number.


      I found the Obfuscation Toolkit in Oracle SQL and my query works!           (  DBMS_OBFUSCATION_TOOLKIT.MD5  )


      But When I create the dataset in Tableau 7 desktop, the dataset doesn't include the encryped fields.  I think Tableau doesn't recognize the obfuscation toolkit.



      For now my solution is to just deny access to the underlying data.


      Does anyone else have another solution to a similar problem?  Has anyone else used this Oracle SQL function in Tableau?