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    How to combine extracts for different periods from Google Analytics?

    Michael Williams



      I'm trying to analyse the GA data for a site with a lot of pageviews - enough for sampling to have a severe effect.


      This article says:


      GA has a 500,000 row limit for any one API call, so take extracts under the limit and then combine your extracts for the complete – and unsampled – picture.


      I'm trying to combine my extracts, but without success.


      I've connected to Google Analytics twice; the connections are identical, except for the date range: one is from Jan 1 2010 to Dec 31 2010, while the other is from Jan 1 2011 to Dec 31 2011. Account, Property, Profile, Dimensions, and Measures are all the same. This results in two items in the Data panel: one for the 2010 extract and one for the 2011 extract.


      I would like (initially) to graph total pageviews for the whole two year period. I put WEEK(Date) in Columns and SUM(Pageviews) in Rows. Unfortunately, it will only graph one year's worth of data in a single graph - whichever year's extract I have selected in the Data panel. (I have two sheets at the moment; one graphs 2010 data and the other graphs 2011 data.)


      I have tried linking the two extracts by toggling the "link" icons in the Dimensions panel (Date and Page were linked by default). I have also tried linking the two via Data > Edit Relationships... but no dice.


      Am I missing something, or is this not supported? This earlier discussion suggests it can't be done, but the aforementioned article (and the fact that the two extracts automatically link together) suggests to me that it can.


      Thanks for any help



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