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    NULL values and Dates

    Sarah Gehrke

      Hi all,


      I am trying to calculate counts and ages based on NULL values for a column where the data type is date. I tried using the calculation below, but it wouldn’t work because of the NULLs. I have attached a sample data file.


      “IF ([Date Referred for Mediation]= NULL AND [Sprint Determination Date]= NULL ) THEN 'Newly Received CNs'

      ELSEIF ([Sprint Determination Date] = NULL) THEN 'In Mediation'

      ELSEIF ([Sprint Determination Date]= NULL) THEN 'Out of Mediation'

      ELSEIF ([Sprint Determination Status]= 'Resolved per SSD') THEN 'Recommended Resolution'

      ELSE 'Neither'




      There are four Categories I would like to create


      1. Newly received Item
      2. In Negotiation
      3. Out of Negotiation
      4. Recommended Solution


      Each defined as follows (being mutually exclusive)

      1. Negotiation Date = <blank>

      AND Date Determined = <blank>

      1. Date Determined = <blank>
      2. Date Determined  = NOT <blank>
      3. Determination Status = Pending


      I would like to use this to make a pie chart