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    Need help on "guided analytics"


      Please pardon a basic inquiry.


      I have a dashboard with a U.S. map showing 50 stores. I'd like to select 1 store and go to a worksheet that uses Custom SQL (or Initial SQL) to bring back a lot of information (>1M rows) for just that 1 store. There is too much data from all stores to bring it back as an extract and then filter to the single store.


      Q: is there a way to parameterize the Custom SQL (with the storeID) so that I can have 1 worksheet that works for any of the 50 stores?


      Q: assuming there is a best-practice, is there a way to do this for more than 1 store (i.e., multiple stores selected on the dashboard)?


      thank you for any pointers.



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          Dan Huff

          In Tableau Version 8, it will be possible to insert parameters dynamically into Custom SQL in order to bring back specific subsets of information. Whether or not it will solve the your specific data problem, I cannot know; it will certainly be something to look into regardless.


          As of right, your best bet would be to create the extract and then have an Action that just filters down to that one store. A 50+ million row extract is not a problem within Tableau. It may take a bit of time to create, but once it is done you should be able to dynamically switch between stores on your map to get the desired information.


          Hope this helps,