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    Comparing Wk, MTD, YTD, YTG and FY to budget and LY.



      I am new to tableau and would appreciate some help. The software is being introduced in our company and I wanted to see if it’s easy to replicate some of our Excel reports.

      I have attached a packaged workbook along with the excel file. The excel file has data tab which connects to Tableau workbook. It also has a fiscal calendar which we use and a sample output.

      It’s a simple report which compares Wk, MTD, YTD, YTG and FY to budget and LY. Also it provides a week and day performance for past few and future (forecasted) few weeks.

      While it’s simple in excel to do, I got stuck in Tableau to do following.

      • Computing Wk, MTD, YTD, YTG and FY for TY and LY
      • How to compute last few weeks or days.

      Any help is appreciated.