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    Reference line tooltips

    Tim Archer

      Just come across an interesting one: Can you change the tool-tip of a reference line?


      I am aware of reference line labels, but the tool-tip seems to be restrictive. Only way around this I can think of is to create a measure with the tool-tip label that I want to display, but does anyone have any other options?




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          Dan Murray



          The answer is...sorta.  If you look at the add reference line menu (right-click on the axis you want to add the reference line to) you will see a label drop down selector.  Click that and select custom. Custom allows you to type in any text you want AND then add any of the other variables available (Value/Computation) with your text via a small arrow at the right side of the custom entry line.



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            Tim Archer

            Thanks Dan - as I said in my post I know about labels, but I specifically wanted to concentrate on the actual tool-tip itself!


            In this example I can not show labels as I am using a 'per cell' reference line and the visualisation becomes far too messy. Even turning off the tool-tip would be useful as it is not 'business friendly' at the moment!



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              Egor Larin

              Hi Tim,

              Did you find  the solution how to customise reference line tooltip?

              Is it possible?