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    Can SAP BW utilise the Tableau In-Memory server?

    David Allison



      I'm looking at the connectivity options for SAP BW to Tableau. I've seen that as of 7.04 there is native support to SAP BW BEx queries and infoproviders. Everything I've seen so far suggests that this is real-time access. I've read both Ellie Fields and Dr. Robin Bloor's blog posts on the in-memory server and direct access and I was interested to find our whether or not the SAP BW connector can move data into the in-memory server for offline viewing or if data had to be accessed directly on load?






      I've had a search on the forum but didn't come across anything related, apologies if I may have missed something


      EDIT - I found the OLAP/Relational differences KB and the part about Tableau Extracts: http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/functional-differences-olap-relational

      and just need to confirm if this is still the case


      Many Thanks