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    Performance Issue on initial load

    Matthew Davis

      I have a dashboard which is taking around 45 seconds to load the initial view.  The dashboard contains three worksheets and although the data source is about 300,000 the published view has filters on it that exclude all the data from the view.  In other instances this saves me on initial load time as there is no data being generated just the dashboard structure and once a user applies the necessary filter the data will be queried.  I believe tableau is running a query for the information then an action is restricting the data from being displayed.  What are my options to get a better initial load time on my "blank" dashboard.  Below is a screen shot of my dashboard with a custom value filter that is set to exclude all values when blank.


      This is the initial view.  The filters on the right are set to exclude all values if there is no selection.



      Once this view loads which is the issue (45 seconds to load the view above) the data loads fine. It takes roughly 8 seconds to return the first set of information and then by selecting an individual record an action populates the bottom two tables.



      This action takes  under 5 seconds.



      The issue is with the 45 seconds load time to generate the dashboard view with no actual data being displayed.

      Please help.

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          Joshua Milligan



          Several things to think about:

          1. Are you using any context filters?  Those will often cause Tableau to create temp tables which can improve overall performance, but you'll get an initial performance hit.  (And another hit every time the context changes -- so be careful when using them).


          2. Do you have any "relevant value only" filters? They can cause an initial performance hit.


          3. Have you checked out the logs to see what queries are being executed on the initial load?  That would likely give you some good insight into what's going on.


          4. Are you planning to upgrade to Tableau 8?  (it's going to production later this month!)  First, it has a lot of performance improvements.  Second, it has a performance recorder to help you analyze what is happening.