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    Bespoke sub totals

    Paul Collier

      Is it possible to create a bespoke sub-total to sit along side existing sub-totals?  So something like this...



      GeographyProductCustomer TypeIncome
      EnglandVacuumsNew £        75,000
      Existing £        23,000
      Total £        98,000
      CookersNew £        51,000
      Existing £        12,000
      Total £        63,000
      TVNew £        18,000
      Existing £        42,000
      Total £        60,000
      Total £     221,000
      New Total £     144,000
      Existing Total £        77,000
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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Paul,


          You can do this by creating three calculated fields, one for New, Existing and Total. They would look similar to the following:



          if [Customer Type]='New' then [Income] end



          if [Customer Type]='Existing' then [Income] end



          sum([New]) + sum([Existing])


          Then, remove Customer Type and Income from your view. Place Measure Names where Customer Type was and place Measure Values on the text shelf with only the above 3 calculations on the Measure Values Card. Finally, turn on the grand total by going to Analysis>Totals>Show Column Grand Totals.


          Hope this helps!



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            Sheryl Tufts

            Hi Tracy,

            Thanks for posting this. It works great for 1 Measure. How can this be accomplished for multiple Measures? For example add 2 columns to the right of Income in Paul's example called Cost and Profit.