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    How to Migrate Calculated Fields from One Data Source to Another

    jacob perler

      Tableau forum,


      I recently created a Tableau model with 6-8 worksheets that incorporate analysis of data and about 7 relatively simplistic calculated fields.  That data is linked to an excel file which is a download from an internet survey tool.  The goal is for this model to be used by different people within my organization who can give a survey, download the excel flat file, convert it to be Tableau-friendly, and import into Tableau.  Once the flat excel file is downloaded and converted, it looks exactly the same as my flat file (as far as column headers), however some of the information contained therein may change. 


      I am running into a problem with linking the new file and having my calculated fields, past aliases, and groupings come up in error.  I am wondering if there is anyway to automate a process where certain values can automatically be grouped together or given aliases, without having to recreate each group/retype in each alias.  Because the groupings are messing up, it is causing caluclated fields to mess up, and in some instances, the calculated fields are outright changing when they link to the new file.


      Is there anyway to best migrate the model from one data source to another?  I would appreciate any advice/guidance on how to best do this so that the model doesn't need to be manipulated each time.  Thanks!