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    Enable "generic" ODBO drivers

    Tamas Foldi

      Is it possible to use "Generic ODBO Drivers"? Currently I can use my own ODBC drivers, but unfortunately I am overloaded with multidimensional databases which are not supported by Tableau yet.

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          Russell Christopher

          It is not. I have no idea whether the following would even work because the differences between relational and multi-dimensional, but have you tried the ODBC driver for OLEDB against your ODBO driver? If it "sort of" works, maybe you could then lean on the the (generic) ODBC for OLEDB driver in Tableau?

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            Tamas Foldi

            As I understood MS SSAS and SAP BW are accessed thru ODBO (which stands for OLE DB for OLAP), so I assume there is *some* kind of support for these connectors in Tableau. As these things are multidimensional stuff ODBC drivers are not playing here.


            Like I have ODBO driver for IBM TM1 and many of my customers wants to read planning data from TM1 Cubes. The problem here that TM1 *is* the database, and due to the consolidation rules the aggregation is not simply "sum", but some weighted custom calculated madness. So the only option is to execute MDX against these cubes or reimplement the full functionality of TM1.


            The same story with Cognos PowerCubes, I would like to access a few cubes with my MDX queries without flattening and recalculating the whole MOLAP database.


            Pinging Robert Morton

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              Robert Morton

              Hi Tamas,


              Thanks for sharing your feedback, and please create a post in our Ideas forum if one does not yet exist. This is an interesting request that we've received a few times in the past, and I appreciate your specific examples of products you wish to use. To answer your question, no we do not have such a general-purpose connector for cubes.


              Tableau only provides a general-purpose connector for SQL data sources via ODBC, and Tableau expects database products to conform to both standards. If a data source has limited functionality, poor performance or does not follow the SQL standard closely, Tableau offers the choice of extracting into the Data Engine.


              We do not yet have the ability to extract cubes into a Data Engine extract, which is tailored to relational queries. We also have to carefully build any connector for a cube because MDX is a complex language that is supported inconsistently by different cube vendors.



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