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    SharePoint embedded visualization prompting guest user for login credentials

    Tim Quayle

      We are using Server 7.0.12 with Active Directory, automatic login and guest user enabled. When we embed a workbook with guest user permissions into a SharePoint web part, the guest user gets a "No server user found/class DataSourceException" error message if using Internet Explorer. If using Chrome or Firefox, the user gets prompted for login credentials. If the user clicks OK without filling in the login information a couple of times, the visualization finally appears. The latter also occurs whenever embedding Tableau workbooks outside of SharePoint using the simple JavaScript embed feature. My best guess is that this issue is possibly being caused by a conflict arising from having automatic login and guest user enabled at the same time (an arrangement that is not recommended by Tableau). We have several reasons why we'd like to keep both features enabled. Is it possible to solve this issue without disabling one or the other?

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Tim -


          (Note this will probably come across as "rough" - apologies, not what I intend).


          Help is pretty clear that this combo is not only not recommended, but is doing so is not supported.

          Translation: "Don't do this"


          With both of these turned on, you essentially have two auto-login mechanisms in competition with each other when you point directly to a viz (which is what happens with the SharePoint web part and embedding via JavaScript or an IFRAME)....so its not a big surprise that odd things are occurring.


          There probably isn't much you can do here except turn Guest or Auto-Login off. Sorry.