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    add a condition to a relative date

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      We are a media company. We have a knowledge base that is filled every day with a snapshot containing every information we need to analyze.

      We have a field called "observation date" that give the date of the snapshot we are using to make analyses.

      When we create a report (that we publish on the server) we extract data from he knowledge base. When making the extract we always select the last observation date.

      We then use the filter relative date, and select observation = yesterday. (since we have a snapshot intergrated every evening).

      Problem is, when a snapshot fails, then the reports are empty because Tableau can not find an observation date equal to yesterday.

      We can not select more than one observation date otherwise there are too many data and the reports take too long to refresh.



      So we were wondering, is there a way, in the relative dates filter, to add a condition ?

      We would something like observation date = max(observation date)



      Thank you very much for your help,