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    stacked bar and also side-by-side bars

    Ratna Sarkar

      I have 5 schools i want arrayed on the x axis. For each school, I want a stacked bar showing the four component costs of attending that school (tuition, room and board, supplies, other). This is managed to do using the help on this excellent thread http://community.tableau.com/message/183694#183694 (thanks!)


      Now, I want to add to this stacked bar chart. For each school, next to its colorful stacked cost-of-attendance bar, I want to add a bar showing the net price of attending that school. I can get the stacked cost bars in the top half of my screen, and the single-colored net price bars in the bottom half of my screen, but I would like the lower bars to go up and sit by the stacked bars. I am attaching a picture of the current situation. I would like to have the lilac net price bars be next to each of the respective colorful cost bars. Is this possible?