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    filled maps with user defined regions

    Thomas Beaulieu

      Hello - my employer reports sales by four different world regions - North America, Latin America, Europe-Middle East-Africa (EMA), and Asia-Pacific Rim (AP). 


      My data has no address information, only the regions as defined above.


      I would like to make filled maps with 4 colors representing the four regions but Tableau needs to know that Canada and USA are in my North America region, Mexico and everything south in in my Latin America region and so on for the other regions.  Is there and easy way to do this?  On a 1 - 10 scale my Tableau competency is about a 3.



      Tom B.

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          Allan Walker

          I'd maybe take the following approach: use an IF THEN Statement in a Calculated Field, or you could Group by Country into your areas.

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            Noel Avison

            Basically in your data your would want to group the countries in a field. For instance for:


            CountryCountry Group
            CanadaNorth America
            MexicoNorth America
            USANorth America


            And so on... And in your level of detail tray, the field [Country Group] would come first.


            If you can't change the data, you could make a calculated field case statement like


            CASE [Country]

                 WHEN "Canada" THEN "North America"

                 WHEN "Mexico" THEN "North America"

                 WHEN "Spain" THEN "Europe"




            then this field goes into the level of detail first. That should now group your data by region I believe.

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              Thomas Beaulieu

              Hi guys and thanks for the replies.  My data does not have country data so I do not think the above solutions will work. I need an approach that is backwards to what you recommend. Instead of assigning regions by country i need to assign countries to my regions. I would like tableau to know that Canada and USA need shading whenever it sees North America in the data.


              If I get a list of countries that make up Europe Middle East and Africa is there a way that I can program these in to tableau as my EMA region?  That way when tableau sees EMA it knows to shade the counties on my list.

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                Richard Leeke

                You can do it with data blending. You will need a data source which lists all of the countries making up your 4 regions. You can then blend in the data for your regions that you want to show on the map. I added a few countries and made up some data in the attached, which looks like this:



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