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    Multi Select via a Parameter and Calculation

    Nathan Schofield

      Hi All,


      The context for this question is that because quick-filters are performance heavy, I have started using parameters in their place. As we all know, parameters are only single select. A mock example is below:


      Variable 1:

      Option 1

      Option 2

      Option 3


      What I want to achieve is the use of a parameter, for performance AND multi select. With single select I would usually make a parameter(Parameter 1) with string options 'Option 1', 'Option 2', and 'Option 3'. Then I would make a calculated field that says [Variable 1] = [parameter.Parameter 1], put this in the filter and make it True.


      If I make a parameter with  'Option 1', 'Option 2', 'Option 3', and 'Option 1 and Option 2', is there a way I can create a calculated field to make this work (effectively like a multi-select filter)? I tried some things with CASE statements, but couldn't get anything to work.


      Alternatively, I am open to hear any alternatives that achieve the same outcome.


      Look forward to your replies.



      Nathan Schofield