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    Formatting Numbers

    Gregory W

      I like the way Tableau formats numbers automatically by appending the K/M suffixes to large numbers. I'd like to keep this functionality (since upon drilling down into my data the size of the numbers can change by powers of 10), but I'd like to prefix the number with a £ or $ symbol. Does anyone have any idea how I can achieve this?


      Thanks in advance



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Gregory,


          One way you can do this is to right click on the measure in your data box and select Field Properties>Number Format...>Currency.


          Hope this helps!



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            Gregory W

            Hi Tracy, I've tried this, but for the Currency (custom) option, unfortunately I seem only to be able to select K OR M OR B and have to specify a number of decimal places. This is no use if the amounts are changing by factors of ten when I filter data. If I select the Currency (standard) option I don't get any automatic abbreviation to K or M for large numbers.