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    percent of total by peroid


      Hi Tableau Community,

      this might be a simple question, if so please just refer me to appropiate post (I couldn't find any).

      I have a caluclated field that converts a Boolean expression of my data ('Y' & 'N') into numbers so I get a count

      [# of XYZ]:      IF [XYZ]="Y" THEN 1 ELSE 0 END


      Now I would like to display [# of XYZ] as percentage of all records for a given month. Either doing it manually or with a slightly modified Quick Tabel Calculation I cannot get to work. For example, product B has 6 records total for Feb2013, 4 of those are XYZ or 66%.

      The example workbook & data is attached.

      Any help is appreciated. Thank you!