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    Website Easter Eggs

    Toby Erkson

      I had no idea how I did it but I landed on this page:


      After 15 or so minutes I finally stumbled on how to get there.  Holy mazes and luck, Batman!


      So my stumbling upon the Ctrl + k feature and this, plus one or two that I think I did as well but brushed them off, why not document them?


      Anyway, back to getting there...

      1.  Get to the Community forum (Support >> Community, then click on the "here." link in the sentance "Question, comments or ideas about the Tableau Community Site? Share them here." at the bottom of the page).

      2.  Click on ANY discusstion.  Doesn't matter.

      3.  Click on the drop-down arrow and click on the link "All Community Pages" as shown below:


      There's some good info display (I didn't know the Forums had two sub-forums).  Dustin Smith moved Use Administrator account to subscribe users to emails (9 minutes ago)  for example.  Recommended and Recently Viewed are common filters for the three tabs (Content, People, Community Pages) and Recommended doesn't make sense in some so that's easily ignored.  One interesting thing I saw was in the Content tab, Drafts (must be for Tableau personnel only).


      Happy Hunting!