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    Using Calculated Field in the Parameter Selection

    Devarsh Shah



      I have a few Measures in my dataset (some of them are Calculated fields) and I want to use them as a Parameter selection so that one of the axes of my graph changes based on the selected Measure from the Parameter selector.


      I have created a Parameter which lists all the Measures I want to be displayed in the selector (attached image 1) and also created a calculated field (attached image 2) with the case statements that selects the appropriate measure.


      However when I try to insert any calculated metric (lets say CTR which is Clicks/Impressions) in the case statement it doesn't allow me - gives me an error "Cannot mix aggregate and non-aggregate comparison or results in a CASE Statement"


      Is there any other way I can create a Parameter selector by which I can add my Measure Values together (including the calculated fields)?