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    What to link to on an Ipad when a subscribed email hits your inbox

    John Munoz

      The email subscription functionality on Server V8 is really great. It's going to get a lot of use at my company.


      What I'd like to see happen when someone who is using an Ipad gets an email from Tableau's subscription service is this:


      Tableau launches the Tableau app on the ipad (provided it's there) and brings up the viz through the Tableau app.


      The current action is to try to open the viz via Safari, which, because of security configurations at my company, doesn't work. Even if it did, I think it would be best if the app opened in the Tableau app. The app is great and I think, on the Ipad at least, that's where all Tableau viz's should be viewed.


      I doubt there's any sort of hack to address this issue. If there is, please share it. I will submit this to the idea area shortly.