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    tableau tomcat server war file

    stryder dsf

      I want to deploy my own war file in tableau inbuilt tomcat server. Could any help me to get the exact steps to do it.

      Thanks in advance

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Stryder -


          We don't supported installing any other Java Web Apps on "our" instance of Tomcat for obvious reasons - we have no idea how third party code could impact how Tableau Server itself runs.


          You may actually be able to get this to work, but I'm afraid you'll be on your own - might want to check sites like stackoverflow for guidance, etc.. And keep in mind that if you do get the thing deployed you won't really be running a supportable instance of Tableau Server anymore

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            Abhishek Khard

            Hi Russell Christopher  ,


            I closely follow all your replies , its been a great help .


            Regarding the above question , I have something to ask .


            Can Tableau applications be deployed to web servers apart from tomcat server i.e, IIS Server for example , and if yes , how would we proceed  ?


            It would be great , if you have a document/whitepaper about the deployment of .twbx files to different web servers.


            Eager for your inputs on this.



            Thanks and Regards ,


            Abhishek Khard

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              Russell Christopher

              Hi Abhishek -


              I'm not 100% sure I understand your question, so I'm going to answer it in two ways. Ignore the answer you don't care about.


              Tableau uses httpd and Tomcat as it's own internal web/app server. You may not replace these with other components. For example, you can't ask Tableau to render our portal pages via IIS or tell Tableau to store it's internal metadata in Oracle vs. our built-in PostgreSQL database server.


              You CAN write applications which talk to Tableau, and deploy those apps to whatever platform you like. So, maybe you create a web page which embeds Tableau dashboards in an iframe. Can you run that web page on IIS? Sure.

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                Abhishek Khard

                Thanks Russell for your in sight , I got what I wanted .


                Thanks ,

                Abhishek Khard