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    How to calculate relative percentage from max - market share indexing

    Pulkit Saxena

      Hi, I was trying to create an index of market share for certain values but cant figure out how.

      Essentially i have a data set (just an example) with 3 different product - X,Y,Z which are in 3 different cities.


      Say for city - NYC X has market share 10%, Y - 20% and Z 18%.


      Now an index would be -


      for X - 10% / max (X,Y,Z) = 10%/20% = 0.5

      for Y - 20% / max( X,Y,Z) = 20%/20% = 1

      and so on..


      So if i have 3 different cities it should take the market share of a product and divide by max market share of that city.


      Any ideas would be of great help!