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    how can I dynamically alter a hierarchy. Adding or subtracting dimensions.

    Derek Noble



      I have a hierarchy that has a number of dimensions which sometimes will be required but at other times it would be better to only look at the first and last dimension in the hierarchy.

      Rather than create many views with different hierarchies I would like to have a quick filter for the user to choose what dimensions from the hierarchy are shown in the view. Is this possible?

      I have found a website which showed how to create dynamic hierarchies but this is not what I am wanting to do as it allow the user to choose between two different hierarchies rather than dynamically alter one hierarchy.


      I have a hierarchy as:

      dimension 1, dimension 2, dimension 3, dimension 4, dimension 5, dimension 6


      and I want a multiple value quick filter:

      dimension 1

      dimension 2

      dimension 3

      dimension 4

      dimension 5

      dimension 6


      thanks in advance,