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    I need to search a URL to locate a particular expression within the URL.  I have tried using 'CONTAINS' and 'FIND' but cannot figure out how to set a value based on finding a substring within a URL.

    Amy Smith

      This is the calculation that I am currently trying.

      IF [___Nav1_Value] = 'WT.mc_id=Email' then 'Email'

      ELSEIF [___Nav1_Value] = 'WT.mc_id=Display' then 'Display'

      ELSEIF [___Nav1_Value] = 'WT.mc_id=Paid Search' then 'Paid'

      Else 'No Search'



      However, my URL (the field is called __Nav1_Value) does not equal 'WT.mc_id=Email'

      but rather the entire URL contains the expression 'WT.mc_id=Email'.  I need to be

      able to scan an entire URL and identify whether a particular expression is present, or not.