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    Select a Single Record from a database join

    James Bostock

      I'm currently using Tableau 8 Beta but I think this applies to prior releases too.


      I'm combining 2 record sets: Salesforce and an excel spreadsheet. I've a 1-to-many relationship where there are multiple records in Salesforce for each record in excel. What I would like to do is have Tableau pick the highest ranked option and use that as the record of choice.




      Ranking is based on opportunity Status: 1) Won 2) Open 3) Lost 4) Other

      I'd like Tableau to only bring in 1 record of which it would be the highest ranked (hopefully Won) and exclude all others. There should only be 1 record of each type, but just in case I'd like to be able to add in an additional filter such as last activity date so I can pick the latest version.


      Is this possible?





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          Joshua Milligan



          I feel very confident in saying it can be done.  Do you happen to have a packaged workbook you could post?  Even one with two different extracts using mocked up data that matches the same data structures you are working with would be very helpful to answer specifically.


          In general, data blending (which I'm fairly certain you are doing) is a little different from joining and it works slightly differently in version 8 than in version 7.