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    Having trouble importing Excel sheet with Chinese locations




      I am giving Tableau Public a shot so I am new here but I have been going through training and documentation.


      I made a sample data set in excel with some extraneous info (eventually I'd like to have a picture/blurb and event details pop up at each marker) and a few columns of geo-location data. My columns are County, State/Prefecture, Province and Country (so far all in China).


      I am having some issues. First when I import my data, it shows many rows (about 20) of just null with my data at the bottom of the table. Secondly, I am unable to map any of my points.


      Could someone please point me in the right direction? This will be a large dataset so I don't want to have to manually find lat/long. info for each site. Even just plotting at the county level would be enough at this point.