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    Embedded view authentication (Tableau Server)

    Alexander christopherson



      When embedding a view into an internal webpage from Tableau Server, is it possible for all employees to view such embedded report without having a Tableau Server account or do all individuals need an account to view the embedded workbook? Does the 'Guest" account that can be enabled by the server admin be used to allow multiple people view an embedded report at once? Does using the 'Embedded Credentials' feature allow people to access the embedded view without logging into the server?

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          Joshua Milligan



          I think some of the answers will depend on your licensing model.  Is it core based or user based?  The "Guest" account is only an option for core based licensing.  But even in a user based or core based model where individual has a user account for Tableau, multiple users can view the same report simultaneously.


          Do you have a specific requirement that you are considering?




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            Dustin Smith

            Hi Alexander,


            When embedding a Tableau Server view into an internal page every person who views that page will need a Tableau Server account (they'll be asked for a username and password) unless you have purchased a Core (hardware) license.  In that case you can have as many accounts as you want as well as the ability to enable "guest user" access that requires no login/authentication at all.


            Let me know if I can provide any further information here.