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    Import Access query into Tableau?

    Matthew Lynch

      Hi Everyone,


      When attempting to connect to a data source in Tableau, my Access 2010 query does not appear as a possible connection. I tried deleting and recreating it, and this didn't make a difference.


      Also, I've tried copying the SQL query that I made in Access into the 'Custom SQL' section of the import dialogue box in an attempt to just run the query in Tableau, and I got this error:


      Database error 0x80040E14: Syntax error in FROM clause.


      Unable to connect to the Microsoft Excel file "C:\Users\Matthew\Documents\FAST\SSI Research\SSI 2014\Market Data\SSI Relational Database.accdb". Check that you have access privileges for the requested file and that it is not open in another application.


      I followed the recommendations of the message and it didn't make a difference.


      Sorry guys if this is ridiculous question, I'm no database wiz. Thanks in advance for your help.