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    How to custom the values shown in a quick filter (multiple selection)?


      Hi guys,

      I need to show a Tableau Dashboard through an Embedding View inside a Corporative Java Web application using trusted authentication.


      There's a quick filter multi-select option (ckeck boxes) over a Dimension called SERVICE and I want to filter the data that the logged user (in the Web Application )  has been authorized to view (using the SERVICE Dimension Filter).


      I've been able to do this, with an iframe and an URL like: "http://mytableauServer/trusted/my_ticket/My_Workbook/My_view?SERVICE=myServiceA,myServiceB


      But there's a problem. There're several services, suppose myServiceA, myServiceB,myServiceC and myServiceD.

      The data are accurately filtered by myServiceA and myServiceB. But myServiceC and myServiceD are not hidden nor disabled in the quick filter. You can choose all of them (thought data doesn't change). Is it possible to hide options not available?


      I mean, can I hide the services in the dashboards that the logged user isn't authorized to view?


      Could anyone help me?

      Thanks and regards.