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    Calculated Text

    Ryan Szymanski

      Hello Eveyone,


      Have what appears like a simple condition, were I am attempting to convert a number value (calculated Field) into Text Value.


      In my analysis are using a table where various metrics are reported by a given Investment Portfolio.  Of many measures being analyzed is credit scores IE. AAA, AA, A, BBB,BB etc.


      To express the % weighted average Credit Rating or the portfolio, have converted my Credit Rating (Letter) into a numeric Value. 

      With the total Credit Rating Score =  (MV% * Credit Rating Number), are troubled to find exprsssions that will convert the Weighted Credit Rating Score back to a Letter.


      Similar to some of the KPI examples found, have created IF statement have have been able to convert the Weighted Credit Score into Text or Shapes, though with any of these attempts are not able to combine the expression with the Sample table.


      Have attached a sample workbook for reference.  Any advise, are feedback anyone could offer would be most appreacited.




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          Shawn Wallwork

          You had it. You just needed to change up the display a bit. (See attached.)



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            Ryan Szymanski

            Hi Shawn,


            Thanks for the response.  The configuration of display does help, though are prefering to have the CREDIT LETTER viewed horizontally along side with other measures,  In my sample table, have used only 3 additional measures, though in production, have anywhere from 15-25 additional measures being viewed at the same time.


            To aid for the readability of the results, are methods/expressions that permit having the calculated field 'CREDIT LETTER' to appear as 'Measure' rather then a dimension, so that they could compared against other measures being analysed.


            Thanks in advance, any feedback or suggestions are appreaciated.

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              Shawn Wallwork

              Yep, I thought you might say that. I do not know of a way to combine measures & dimensions in the way you prefer them to be laid out. I'm not saying it CAN'T be done, I just don't know how. Sorry Ryan, someone else will need to assist you.




              PS: You know Excel does these sorts of text tables extremely well, right?

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                Mark Jackson

                Something like this? If so, you can do some minor formatting to fix the rest.

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                  Ryan Szymanski

                  Hi Mark,


                  Thanks for the suggestion.  Found the Calculated Fields used to label the results are helpful.

                  Aiming to tighten the visual, does ability existe to create a Sample Table where the 'Credit Letter' ie: AAA stands alone like any other measure ?


                  Reason being, that the 'CREDIT LETTER' measure is distinct/viewed independently along side with other measures ie: Time to Maturity, Yeild, etc



                  TIME TO MATURITY             1.197             4.363             3.404             5.545             9.545           22.159           28.062             4.133             1.686             7.434             9.527             9.279
                  YTM             0.534             6.886             1.750             5.392             2.740             3.647             2.520             8.286             1.394             3.035             2.607             2.628
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                    Mark Jackson

                    ok...you just needed to add one more zero measure pill and add the credit score as the label.

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                      Ryan Szymanski

                      HI Mark, Shawn;


                      Thank you both, contributions mark a great solution.  

                      Love this forum, wish only that our IT, DB admins where 1/2 as productive.


                      Again thanks, this is going into production.