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    Ctrl + k = ?

    Toby Erkson

      Click Reply or start a new message.  Select a word (or a gibberish of letters, doesn't really matter).  Press Ctrl + k.  Have fun.


      I stumbled across this when trying to figure out how to find short cuts for emoticons since the drop-downs don't work for me.  For example, = : x and = : D  (just remove the space 'tween the characters).


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          Dustin Smith

          Holy smokes!  This is crazy.  How did I not know about this.   Pinging Tracy since this is too cool not to share.


          Toby - we've been thinking about a "Forums Tricks" document/sub-section to highlight fun stuff like this.  Maybe even a living document that multiple people could edit.


          What do you think.  Would that be valuable?

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            Toby Erkson

            Mighty D,

            Yes, I think a document that gives the keyboard shortcuts for various actions would be helpful since 1) the WYSIWYG menu items don't work properly in IE8, and 2) some people prefer keyboarding than mouse-clicking.


            As for the Ctrl + k "feature", I would view that more as a security risk.  I'm not a Java programmer but I've read about some amazing ways people hack into systems and this looks like it gives a lot of tools to play with for the experienced.  If Jive or your security team think it's okay then that's cool, it'd be neat to see what can be done with it.

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              Dustin Smith

              Mighty T,


              Excellent perspective on both points.  I'll check with our IT security folks and hopefully this is something we won't have to lockdown.