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    Setting up filters

    Olga Polyakov

      Hi All,


      I'm am trying to Blend some student testing data.  I've gotten it all side by side using Edit Relationships.  Now, I'd like to get some quick filters up so that I can identify students who are simultaneously low in different strands. 


      I'm running into some problems:


      1)  Some students took the test more than once.  They show up as a *, which I understand indicates more than one entry per test.  In one metric, it summed and gave me a value in the table.  In the other metric for the same test, I get the wild card.  I don't want SUM, so I changed the Measure to AVG, and expected that I would lose the wild card.  However, I didn't.  The student is the last one in the screenshot (508301)





      Another issue I am experiencing is when I dragged some Quick Filters from the data that came from a secondary field, I didn't get any range of numbers with which to filter. 





      I know it is hard to see, but the filters on the right that are from LU (which is the primary data source) don't have any numbers or sliders.


      Thanks for your thoughts,


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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Olga,


          For the first scenario, this is to be expected. Showing the average will not change the outcome when using a secondary source when there is an asterisk in the view. One option may be to put the TestStartDate field on the view--I assume most students who took the test multiple times didn't take it multiple times on the same day.


          For the second scenario, this is a limitation of data blending. When showing a quick filter from the secondary source, it will not show the values.



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            Olga Polyakov

            Thanks Tracy.