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    How can I create equal sized bins of a dimension (like name) but have it be dynamic?




      I am a new user to tableau, and understand the basics of histograms, calculated fields, etc.


      I'm trying to create equal sized bins of a dimension (Name) ordered by a monthly amount. Say there are 1000 customers. Each bin should have 100 names.

      The database has annual data on individual transactions, with each row containing the date, customer ID and the amount they spent in that transaction.


      1) How can I do this in Tableau so that every time the data is refreshed (number of customers changes, as well as the order), the bins are automatically re-sized and updated?

      I've tried http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/numberofbins

      But it doesn't allow me to display by total.

      Since each bin can have >100 customers, I just want to show a table that says


      Bin1     $3M

      Bin2     $2M

      Bin3     $1M

      .... and so on


      2) How can I create three separate bins (i.e. Bin1 for Month1, Bin2 for Month2, Bin3 for Month3) dynamically? The idea is to compare movement of individual customers across the 3 months on a rolling basis.


      Thanks in advance!