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    How can I make groups of different types of fields in excel column for Tableau display?

    Rosemary Passantino

      My spreadsheet has a column called Benefit Status. I would like to take different types of Benefit Status and roll them up for purposes of a building a simple pie chart in Tableau.


      For example, I have Active, Leave of Absence, Leave with Benefits, Suspended, Terminated with Benefits as the text fields in the Excel column under Benefit Status. I would like all of these to be grouped to make the sum that forms side of the pie.


      And I have Retired and Surviving Spouse as text fields in the same Excel column. I would like these to be grouped to form other side of the pie.


      I only want to do it for the chart on this one worksheet, and not the entire workbook. In other parts of the workbook I want to keep these categories separate.


      Not sure what to do... thank you.