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    Dynamic formate of date on axis

    Knut Eide
      In my bar chart, I  just have this plain parameter of letting the user select betwen "Year", "Month" and "Day" and deplyoing that parameter as a filter on my "Order date" Dimension. When Year is selected I show all years in the dataset, when "Month" is selected, I show the last 12 months, when "Day" is selected I show the last 31 days.
      My issues is that the date label on my axis is not formated according to the filter. I've tried to outline my issue and desired labeling in the table below.
      FilterChart axis display currentlyI want it to display
      Year1. January, 2011, 1. January 20122011, 2012
      Month1. January 2012, 1. February 2012,(...)January, February(...)
      Day1. January 2012, 2. January 2012, 3. January 20121., 2., 3.
      Not sure where to start looking...
      Any help appreciated.